Why Us

Turnkey Projects

At Interiors Square, we undertake and hold ourselves accountable for turnkey projects, from designing to execution as a one-stop shop for all your interior needs. Our end to end solutions comprise of Designs, Materials + Labour & Supervision.

On time – always

We are strong believers in project management and lay out our schedule of activities with timelines for each. In case of delays due to our fault, we will pay rent for the premises.

Creative use of space

We make the best use of the space available to derive the maximum functionality without making a place look cramped. Also, with the use of right colours and other elements we create a spacious and expansive look.

Conscious about budgets

Budget constraints bring out the best in us. We use creativity to get the best outcome and solution in every project that we undertake.

Sustainable material selection

Our material selection is dictated by quality, durability and environment friendly considerations, always.

Perfect planning and execution

We take a holistic view of our interior decoration or renovation projects and then break up the various components of the work to derive harmony in design among various elements. Every element of work is carefully planned and executed. Our clients are always kept in the loop.

Infusion of design and art

We are particularly strong in introducing original and creative works of art that blend with our designs and communicates something about the client.


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