Wardrobe designs that bring order and elegance into your home

Wardrobes or cupboards are among the most used furniture items at home. They are where your clothes, ties, trinklets and bags are arranged neatly. Particularly in our country where space is a big constraint, we believe wardrobe designs should allow for the best use of space while at the same time allowing for comfort of use.

At Interiors Square, our design specialists will invest time to understand the requirements of space in a wardrobe based on the inventory of items available. The wardrobe can be fitted into the wall as a wall mounted closet to save space or made as a free-standing furniture. Or, we can also help clients in designing a walk-in wardrobe which are more spacious and involving luxurious wardrobe designs.

Apart from the functionality of a wardrobe, we at Interiors Square believe that it should brighten your mood as you get dressed for the day or for a party. Our designers take care to provide enough light to find and match different shades of clothes.


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