Painting homes and offices. Painting is an art, we are the artists.

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  • Painting homes and offices. Painting is an art, we are the artists.

The impact of two coats of paint on your home or office walls is magical. Interiors Square has made the process of getting your premises painted a satisfying and happy experience.

We paint interiors and exteriors of houses, offices and factories.

Our approach to painting service is to create beauty in the process of applying colours on your walls. We look at ourselves as artists that make your world more colourful and beautiful.

After you send us your enquiry, we’ll set up an inspection of your home, office or factory to understand your requirements. Once the painting job is confirmed we invest time with our clients to confirm the paint colours. At this stage, we like to encourage consultation and conversation among members of the family or office, about the choice and juxtaposition of colours.

While choosing colors, we may go for light or dark hues of one colour. Another option is to go for up to three different colours which are quite similar to one another. Often, to create a vibrant look, we settle on contrasting colours, often with both warm and cool colours.

We chip in with our ideas and involve a consultant for getting the best opinion on the harmony of colours, especially in case too many opinions result in possibilities of a cacophony of distracting colours.

After confirming the colour details, the painting process is simple enough, as given below.

  • Send you email to the client confirming everything agreed upon.
  • Remove all valuables, fragile items, pictures and shelves from the area you’re having painted.
  • Before we start painting, we cover the floors.
  • And cover all furniture.
  • Fill holes or cracks in the walls.
  • Apply putty for smooth finish if it is part of the scope.
  • Remove any wallpaper.

We only know too well how the use of wall papers in small measures can accentuate the beautiful look of a home or office.

We have excellent workmen for polishing wood and veneers to bring their grains to sharp focus. Painting of windows or doors are also undertaken by us.

Once the painting is done, we talk to our clients about adding a few indoor plants or art decors to embellish and add other beautiful dimensions to the painting work we have done.

At the end, we provide a thorough free housekeeping of the entire house or office.


Please provide as much information as possible for us to help you with your enquiry :)