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Lighting designs that bring to light the beauty of a home or office

Appropriate lighting showcases the beautiful interiors so lovingly created. On the other hand, if not properly lit, even the most beautifully designed interior spaces would recede into the shade as soon as the sun sets.

For us at Interiors Square, lighting is a major part of any interior design project from the very beginning. Selecting lighting that complements the space brings chosen design elements to life and create a warm, welcoming mood for family and guests.

There are several ways that we put lighting to good use as an indivisible part of our interior design.

Lighting is made to play a role in creating the illusion of space in a room. We place lights in ways that make rooms more spacious and wider.

Apart from affecting the size and shape of a space, we use good lighting to enhance colors within a design, remembering to use lighting of similar color to avoid the ungainly sight of different, competing colors of light.

At Interiors Square, we know only too well the role played by right lighting to create the right mood. The way we creatively light up rooms has a huge effect on the feeling people have while in that room.  We pay attention to elementary rules of lighting – like employing indirect lighting to create a mood of calmness.

We often use decorative lighting to highlight the beauty of chosen design elements within a space. Use of light to focus on a wall painting or a work of art is a great idea. To enhance design elements we create, we make sure light is thrown on it in the right tone and brightness.

We at Interiors Square work with passionate experts on lighting solutions to bring out the beauty of our creations. Clients appreciate the fact that it doesn’t make sense to spend money on beautiful furnishings and art if they can’t be appreciated at night when they are relaxing with friends and family.


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