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Indoor plants
bring freshness into your home. At Interiors Square we are staunch believers of using indoor plants as they instantly change the atmosphere and enhance the décor like nothing else can. There is a sense of completeness once we bring them in. It is a way of bringing the outside in and making the rooms come alive. Plants are even more important than other accessories in the space we design because they add to your home’s look and freshness. More importantly, they make you feel very good. Imagination is the limit when it comes to the artful use of plants. We can use them to fill out empty corners or we can just hang them or use them on walls. At times, we use them as the focal point or as a grand centerpiece display.

In landscape designing we create harmony between a home or office and the natural surroundings outside. We maneuver with elements of art and science to create a natural flow between the functional, charming interiors created by us and the space outside.We have experienced landscapers with insights on art elements and design principles. They have the knack of playing with colour, texture, form and scale to derive harmony.Design stage of landscaping is when we use artistic creativity, skill and subject knowledge to create drawings on computer, much like the floor plan for an outdoor area.

At this stage, we share with our clients a landscape design which is a visual representation of the site using scaled dimensions. The design will contain both natural elements like plants and gardens and man-made elements such as lawn furniture, fountains etc. The design may also show irrigation and lighting plans. Once the design is ready, the client is provided an estimate about the materials that will be used and the cost involved.

Our landscape designers and horticulturists bring nature inside the home or workspace we design. And it flows into the surroundings, if there is enough space outside to play with.

Inside a home or workspace designed and created by us, we use plants factoring the light conditions, design, colours used & décor.
Whether it is landscaping outside a home or office, or the use of plants inside, we are keen about creating great experiences for our clients. The important question we always ask ourselves is – how does the space feel to the client or users?


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