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Interior design and planning for homes and commercial spaces – Exceptional Spaces for Exceptional People.

Our interior decoration team blends creative ideas and experience to offer designs that stand out for aesthetics and elegance. Our expert designers always factor in our customer’s desires as well as his or her personality. In the case of an office, we design matching the aspirations of the organization. We execute all jobs with heart.

At Interiors Square, we have a step by step process for managing an interiors project. First, we plan the space based on the circulation patterns and placement of furniture and equipments, so as to derive the maximum efficiency. The next step is to understand the client’s idea of aesthetics , mood and ambiance, to create a concept or vision for the space. This is very important part of our work because, a well thought out vision, when implemented, creates a space that people would enjoy living in – for a long time.

We always recommend using good quality materials because in the end, we wouldn’t want our clients to live with regrets for compromising on quality to save on cost. And, we always provide the materials which we quote for.

The value we provide becomes evident when our expert designers create magical effects, juxtaposing contrasting elements – materials, shapes, patterns, and textures.  The differences between them and the way they are placed can enhance their innate properties. Getting this aspect right, calls for an eye for details, and that is where we provide the best value for our clients.

We also realize we create most impact by creating designs that are simple but very creative. While we always design around our clients’ desires and inclinations, we believe in communicating honestly when some ideas might come in the way of achieving the best impact and harmony.


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