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Flooring designs that enhance all other aspects of interior designing

Home or office owners spend considerable time to get the themes, colours and décor absolutely right. Many however, forget about paying enough attention to the flooring. The flooring complements and enhances all other aspects of interior designing.

Nowadays, there are vast options of flooring materials to choose from. Exquisite Marbles, tiles, granite or wooden flooring can mesmerize people with their elegance and style. Flooring materials with great designs are no longer limited to kitchens and bathrooms.

While considering laying or relaying a floor with tiles, marble or any other material, it is important to bear in mind that changing the flooring is an expensive proposition – unlike painting the walls or using wall papers on walls. So, it is very important to apply your mind and think about long term implications.

Ideally, it is best not to compromise on the quality of tiles. Otherwise, you may end up living with a mistake for a very long time.

We as professional designers can help in the selection of flooring materials. For example, our suggestion would be to stick to flooring that is neutral, yet elegant in the living room or hall. In the bed rooms you can experiment a bit, but it is preferable not to opt for bright and gaudy designs. On the other hand, in the case of children’s room flashy and colourful tiles are perfectly in order.

Also, getting good professionals to lay the flooring is very critical. Even the best and the most expensive of flooring materials can be made to look terrible by a few amateur workers.


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