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Customised furniture – uniquely yours with your signature

In these days of mass production, we are getting used to living with mass produced furniture available off the shelf. It is immaterial whether they match our dreams, the size of rooms, the theme and colour of rooms and the overall comfort levels. In the process, we end up relegating our personality and uniqueness to the background. We allow ourselves to be permeated by the sameness of things.

At Interiors Square we believe strongly in custom made furniture in lending character and personality to interior decoration or renovation services. Customization of furniture is another important component of home or office design. We believe in creating furniture designs that fit your personal lifestyle and inclinations. We make it a point to listen to you, your world and your personal taste.

The rewards of custom furniture are well worth the long lead times and higher price points. It is a happy, creative process if you have the right guidance of a knowledgeable and honest designer. At the end, you get what you dearly, really want.

Here are a few other advantages of going for customized furniture. A custom piece saves you the time of sourcing for something that just isn’t out there, the way you want it. Then, nothing can match that feeling of sinking into the perfect piece of furniture at the end of the day. Your one-of-a-kind-furniture will be made especially for you along with lovely flourishes you have always wanted, by proud local craftsmen. This is an unmatched value proposition.

We can customize pretty much every furniture – the dining table and chairs, the sofa sets, study table, television cabinets, shoe racks, beds, book shelves etc.


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