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Art and branding in architectural projects to inspire and stimulate

Repeated studies have found Art in the workplace can reduce stress and improve productivity. It is not just because of the aesthetics factor. There is a consensus that art makes workers feel happy and peaceful. Having art for art’s sake is an equally compelling idea.

In addition to making workplace, hotels or home walls more attractive, art is also about helping workforces and inhabitants of spaces become more reflective, imaginative and inventive.

In today’s fast paced working world where the mantras of innovation and adaptability hold sway, many forward looking organizations and institutions have identified new and exciting ways to inspire and stimulate creative discussions through investment in art.

At Interiors Square, creating bespoke art for large organizations, offices, institutions or homes, is one of our niche capability. This is one way we assist our clients to communicate their personality, vision and their beliefs.

We achieve this by a fusion of classic creativity with modern technology and adding branding elements along the way. The art we create for our clients is always in alignment with the design themes of each project.

Bespoke design is our specialty. What we create will be unique, one-of-a-kind-work-of-art. Bespoke designs are our way of respecting each individual client’s character and aspirations. And, our art will have something to communicate to the beholder.

Our art and designs have huge relevance for individual home owners, hospitality industry, small and large organizations.

And, our canvas is expansive. Our art does not have material, size or style boundaries.


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