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Accessories and styling – infusing personality and styling statement

At Interiors Square, we are strong believers in the role played by accessories in lending personality and styling statement to the home or office. This part of designing comes as part of finishing touches, using a collection of interesting things like vases, trinkets, centre piece bowls, candles or any other interesting piece of collection.

We prefer to invest a lot of time with our clients in the choice of accessories because a home should showcase the personality of its inhabitants. The accessories in the home are statements from those who live there, about themselves. The simplest way to create a designer look is to showcase their personality using home accessories.


When it comes to accessories and styling we like to mix up textures and materials in a project, to create depth and contrast. So, we like using contrasts of wood and metals or just enough of textured wall paper to contrast with the paint.

There is no better way to getting that perfect designer look than by treating each room with a touch of luxury. For example, glitters and metallics create big impact in smaller rooms as various elements will reflect off them, giving the illusion of a bigger space.

We also think it is a good idea to create some drama, and intrigue by the way we use accessories – often  contrasting them starkly against other elements in the room. Boldness in the choice of accessories and use of mild splash of colours against simple and neutral backdrops has a way of enlivening a room much like a showstopper.


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